Southern Fate by Brian Boger

Southern Fate Book Cover
Brian Boger
Author: Brian Boger
Frank Rhodes, a not-so-successful young, southern lawyer, is unwillingly thrust onto the national stage in this legal thriller which is wrapped around a murder mystery. Within a few days of his own personal strife, (his wife leaves him for another woman) his family is struck by a tragic murder. Frank’s brothers come home to their southern town to solve the murder and help Frank put his life back together. Added to that mixture is a horribly injured marathon runner whose personal injury case makes Frank both famous and frantic. This story moves easily from the capital of South Carolina to Charleston, New York,the Bahamas and Costa Rica. The cast of characters who Frank encounters along the way are hilarious and entertaining as Frank Rhodes fixes himself,with some satirical help, one piece at a time.Was all of this simply fate? Was it Frank’s destiny or pure luck? You can be the judge in this quick moving mixture of humor and mystery combined with a legal thriller.

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